Discover the poetic world of Numero 74 with creations inspired by eternal childhood dreams and handmade with love by artisan women in Thailand.

A timeless style with soft fabrics coming in a wide array of exclusive colours.

Canopies and Tipis to create mysterious dens, stars and garlands to celebrate life, costumes and accessories to set one’s imagination free!

A complete range of Baby Essentials, Bed and Bath linens for the whole family, in minimalist designs, perfect to create cosy nests.

The Kids and Women’s Fashion creations with their singular lightly crumpled texture pay tribute to freedom of expression and movement. 

Numero 74 is also a unique production model where our artisans’ talents, know-how and well-being are most valued.

It is a lifestyle, a vision of the world, where the need for creativity becomes the essential element of our search for meaning and joy in everything we do!

About us

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